Stradbroke Island Organic Honey Straws 1000MGO+/30+ 10g x 25pcs Soothe a sore throat….limited stocks

Stradbroke Island Organic Honey Straws 1000MGO+/30+ 10g x 25pcs Soothe a sore throat….limited stocks


100% Australian Active Jelly Bush Honey with a 1000MGO/30+ Active Sterility Rating.

 A 100% natural product created by nature to nurture you and your family.

Where does it come from?Our 100% Natural and Organically obtained honey comes from Stradbroke Island, the most easterly point on the Australian Coast Line.  Most of the island is dedicated to National Park and is surrounded by crystal clear water, one of the most pristine environments in Australia for bees to flourish.  The bees collect nectar and pollen from the native Jelly Bush Plant, a native plant known for it’s medicinal qualities.  It grows naturally in abundance in the swampy coastal area’s of  South East Queensland.

The Jelly Bush plant “Leptospermum Polygalifolium” belongs to the same species as New Zealand’s Manuka Ti Tree.  The bees feed on this plant’s nectar and pollen, producing a honey with healing properties.

Jelly-Bush Honey is a thick, jelly-like extraction, coarse strained to retail pollen in a warmed room and obtained using only organic principles.

This is 100% Australian and tested in Australia.

Use orally…

  • To soothe a sore throat and treat flu and cold symptoms
  • Treat mouth ulcers or ulcers of the stomach

Use externally…

  • Use as an ointment to promote healing of wounds, ulcers/infections.
  • Use as ointment to soothe and heal burns – pain will be reduced within minutes and protects the wound from infection.  A dry film of skin will be visible within a day or two.  I promise you, I have used this many times to treat my burns from kitchen mishaps and neither my husband or have scars to prove them!
  • Use as an ointment to keep broken or grazed skin moist, preventing dressings sticking to wounds and having to start the healing process over again.  The honey reduces pain on the affected area and heals the wound without scarring.  Mothers trick, give your child a spoon of honey whilst you treat wounds as they calm down when sucking on the spoon, it’s hard to cry when you’re sucking on a spoon of yummy honey!

Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

Please note that we utilise oxo-bio-degradable straws.

Read more information about Jelly Bush Honey and its uses.

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25 pcs x 10g  of pure, Stradbroke Island Organic Honey!

Our latest batch has been tested and the result is astounding!  1000MGO+/30+.  This is a rare and limited product, available until sold out.

10grams of  pure, 100% Australian Active Jelly Bush Honey (Leptospermum plant) with a 1000MGO+/ 30+ Active Sterility Rating in a sealed Oxo-Biodegradable straw x 25pcs.

The hives are placed amongst the native bush on one of Australia’s most beautiful and pristine islands, Stradbroke Island.  A pristine location for bees to produce the most perfect honey!

A 100% natural product created by nature to nurture you and your family.

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Septic.

How do we get such high results?

The Leptospermum plant is responsible for the high activity results found in honey collected from Stradbroke Island, Qld. Australia.  The most Easterly point of Australia!

Our honey was recently tested by the Sunshine Coast University Chemistry Department.  The attached report confirms that it has a very high 1458MGO/30+ ULF rating.

Research has increased over the past 20 years showing that Australia has 86 “Bio-active” Native plants.  Stradbroke Island has an abundance of the top 6 “Bio-active” plants.  These are all part of the Leptospermum plant species as shown below.  Please see summary of these plants attached.

  1. lanigerum
  2. liversidgei
  3. nitens
  4. polygalifolium
  5. speciosum
  6. whitei
  7. scoparium (known as Manuka) is the 7th most “Active”, it does not grow on Stradbroke Island.

As noted above, our latest batch to be tested has come back with an extremely high 1458MGO result.  We have labelled it as 1450MGO for simplicity in marketing.  Please see report attached.

The MGO rating system is now the only acceptable form in Australia.  We have also provided the ULF (Unique Leptospermum Factor) for the international market as it is still accepted and recognised outside of Australia.

The UMF testing method (Unique Manuka Factor) is trademarked by New Zealand and cannot be used here in Australia.  As seen in the below ABC TV reports it has been found that Jelly Bush Honey is proving to be even more effective than Manuka Honey.

The Leptospermum plant flourishes in drought like conditions as they have deep roots and grow in swampy areas, therefore having constant access to pure, sand filtered, water.  They are in constant flower when drought conditions prevent other trees and plants from producing a flower.  The bees feast on these Bio-active plants to produce high activity rated honey.

Australia has been suffering drought like conditions for over 9 years and honey production is in decline.  A report on ABC Radio’s “Country Hour” today 05.11.19 advised that honey prices are set to increase due to the lack of flowering trees and plants which is resulting in low honey production.

Hello Honey can provide you with this extremely rare and high rated Stradbroke Island Organic Honey.  It is extracted utilising organic principles, not heated and coarse strained to retain pollen.  The hives are placed in this pristine environment, free from chemical residue.  There are no farmed animals or sprayed crops on the island.  Quite simply, it is as pure and natural as can BEE.

For further information about the Australian Honey industry watch reports by the ABC Australian Broadcasting Commission, our trusted and reliable publicly owned Australian TV station.

Audio File from ABC Radio reporting on worst drought conditions on record and how this is affecting honey, pollen and beeswax production.  Prices are set to increase.  Press play and report will start at the 1minute and 5 second point.





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