What is Jelly-Bush Honey?

The Jelly-Bush plant ‘Leptospermum Polygalifolium’ belongs to the same species as New Zealand’s Manuka Ti Tree. The bee’s feed on this plants nectar, producing a honey with healing properties. Jelly-Bush Honey is a thick, jelly-like extraction, coarse-strained to retain pollen in a warmed room and obtained using only organic principles.

There are no sprayed crops or farmed animals to contaminate the hives, set amongst the pristine native coastal bush of Stradbroke Island, on the S.E coast of Qld, Australia.

What is Propolis?

Propolis is created by bees from a group of natural substances with antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties. Bees are able to prevent infection in their hive by using sap from young trees that have antibiotic properties. They gather the sap, re-metabolise it with their nectar secretions, and take it back to the hives. There, they spread it all over the hive so that every bee will brush against it and become immunised. The tree antibiotic becomes the bee antibiotic.