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Hey Matilda! I have to say thank you, to Em for telling me about your Hello Honey natural moisturiser for lips, body and hair! It was an absolute lifesaver. I woke up Sunday with incredibly swollen lips from a lippie I wasn’t used to (Kylie Jenner would have been jealous!) and then it worsened to a bad rash/dermatitis like monster around my lips as the day went on!
Paw paw cream made it worse and I ran out of options so remembering what Em said on Monday morning I sprinted in and purchased it and OMG I’m in love. It’s now 100% gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Facebook post by client

I recently developed an allergy to all moisturisers. Even the top shelf really expensive ones! All around my eyes became red and very itchy. Not a good look. I was at my wits end with this problem when I remembered that I had bought some of the Hello Honey Moisturiser months ago at the Noosa Farmer’s Market. I dug it out and decided nothing else had worked so I might as well give this a try. It worked like magic! Even from the first application I noticed a difference. One week later all the itchy redness had gone. I decided to go back to my old unnatural moisturiser and regretted immediately. The old problem was BACK. I’ve now chucked all unnatural stuff out of my bathroom vanity and have replaced with the Hello Honey Moisturiser.

– Judy

I was recently holidaying in Noosa and visited the Farmers markets for the first time. I was so impressed by many of the products and the quality of the produce but most especially by the Hello Honey stall! The trader was very friendly and knowledgeable, with great honey straw samples and a free wallet shine – wonderful service!

But it’s the soap I’m writing about – it’s fantastic! I’ve just put in an on line order for some more – even my husband keeps exclaiming about how great

– Best wishes

On my second round of chemotherapy, (six cycles so far), I have successfully used Jelly Bush Honey for prevention of mouth ulcers. These ulcers were a problem for me during the first round (four cycles).

– John Fell
Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

I found your marvellous Jelly Bush Honey after 15 long years of searching among mainstream medical specialists for answers and a resolution to my stomach ulcer problem. The medical profession had no trouble diagnosing that I had stomach ulcers however they were not able to offer any solution — the tablets never seemed to work.

My system was on ‘shut down’. I had to progressively eliminate food items from my diet, as I was no longer able to digest them. Eventually my daily fair consisted of not much more than rice and chicken. I couldn’t even eat a banana without severe pain and a lot of farting! Now after just a few short weeks of eating Jelly Bush 20+ honey I have lost nearly all the discomfort and pain from my stomach.

I am back eating bananas without offending my friends and the absolute bonus is I can again eat ‘Coco Bombs’ for breakfast! Thanks for such a great product that is doing the job the medical profession tried and failed at for fifteen years. It’s truly amazing and literally a lifesaver.

Ps. A side benefit for me has been that since eating Jelly Bush honey my blood pressure has dropped 5 or 6 points also. It seems the honey promotes health and wellbeing in many ways.

– Kind regards
Rodney Gwyn
Condobolin NSW