Stradbroke Island Honey 500g

Stradbroke Island Honey 500g


Sourced from the native coastal bush on Stradbroke Island Qld.  Coarse strained & unheated to retain pollen and nutritional qualities.  This is a truly divine honey. ONLY 1kg size available at present.

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Our honey is sourced from beehives placed amongst the native plants of Australia. It is coarse strained & unheated to retain pollen & nutritional qualities.  Honey that is crystallised is a good sign that it is raw honey, some people prefer the honey in this state as it doesn’t drip off their toast!   Stradbroke Island Honey can be classified organic (it is not certified) as the hives are isolated on the island with no sprayed crops or farmed animals on the Island.  The Jelly Bush Medicinal Honey also comes from Stradbroke Island as the plant grows in abundance in swampy coastal bush.  Click on the Medicinal Honey tab read more…excellent for sore throats, wounds, burns, ulcers, it’s just like NZ’s famous Manuka Honey.

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