Australian Jelly Bush Medicinal Honey 16+ ULF/ MGO 550 Activity Ratings from Bundjalung National Park 250g – just one left

Jelly Bush Medicinal Honey - Activity Rating 16+

Australian Jelly Bush Medicinal Honey 16+ ULF/ MGO 550 Activity Ratings from Bundjalung National Park 250g – just one left


This Jelly Bush Honey has a 16+ ULF/MGO 550 Activity Rating and is from Bundjalung National Park in Northern N.S.W.  It is coarse strained to retain pollen and obtained utilising organic principles.

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Product Description

Australian Medicinal Jelly Bush Honey with a 16+ Active Sterility Rating

A must for your first aid kit!   Truly the most natural way to treat a variety of day to day wounds!  A 100% natural product created by nature to nurture you and your family.

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Septic.

Use orally…

  • To soothe a sore throat and treat flu and cold symptoms
  • Treat mouth ulcers or ulcers of the stomach

Use externally…

  • Use as an ointment to promote healing of wounds, ulcers/infections.
  • Use as ointment to soothe and heal burns – pain will be reduced within minutes and protects the wound from infection.  A dry film of skin will be visible within a day or two.  I promise you, I have used this many times to treat my burns from kitchen mishaps and neither my husband or have scars to prove them!
  • Use as an ointment to keep broken or grazed skin moist, preventing dressings sticking to wounds and having to start the healing process over again.  The honey reduces pain on the affected area and heals the wound without scarring.  Mothers trick, give your child a spoon of honey whilst you treat wounds as they calm down when sucking on the spoon, it’s hard to cry when you’re sucking on a spoon of yummy honey!

Where does it come from?

On Australia’s East Coast grows the Jelly Bush plant.  It grows naturally in abundance in the swampy coastal area’s of  South East Qld and Northern N.S.W.  The Jelly Bush plant “Leptospermum Polygalifolium” belongs to the same species as New Zealand’s Manuka Ti Tree.  The bee’s feed on this plants nectar, producing a honey with healing properties.  Jelly-Bush Honey is a thick, jelly-like extraction, coarse strained to retail pollen in a warmed room and obtained using only organic principles.  there are no sprayed crops or farmed animals to contaminate the hives, set amongst the pristine native coastal bush in Bundjalung National Park, Northern N.S.W, Australia.

This is 100% Australian and tested in Australia.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months.

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

Read more information about Jelly Bush Honey and its uses.

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Weight 250 g