BEE Polished leather and wood polish

BEE Polished leather and wood polish


Nourish, rejuvenate and waterproof wooden furniture both indoor and outdoor,  leather & vinyl shoes, bags, belts, saddlery, boating & all protective car trims. Foam sponge supplied – you can start polishing right away!

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  • Relax, protect and soften leather / vinyl shoes, belts, bags, jackets, Driza-Bone, saddles, boots & lounges.
  • Protects and Waterproofs all types of wood, indoor or outdoor furniture, raw or finished timber.
  • Repels mould and mildew on bathroom tiles
  • Car Protection for leather / vinyl dashboards, seats, door handles, back of mirrors, seals on windows, rubber bumpers, protective strips
  • Boating canvas stitching, decking, rubber seals
  • Rustproof BBQ plates
  • Seals wooden chopping boards, repelling meat juices
  • Lubricates zips, locks, creaking doors
  • Waterproofs terracotta pots and keeps moisture in soil
  • Apply sparingly using a sponge, wipe off any excess with soft cloth, no need to polish or buff, shines naturally when wiped.
Not for use on suede or chamois leathers. Or steering wheels or accelerator peddles.

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