BEE-HAVE HAIR! Tame that Beard and Wild Curly Hair


BEE-HAVE HAIR! Tame that Beard and Wild Curly Hair

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BEE -HAVE beeswax balm is the natural way to embrace those curls or tame a beard!

100% Natural Australian Beeswax, Jojoba and Olive oil creates a product that is as natural as can BEE.

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Your new best friend!  BEE-HAVE Hair will embrace those wild curls and tame that frizz.  Simply use a 5c coin size blob, rub into your hands and before it melts into your skin run your hands through your beard or wild curly hair.

As it is beeswax based, simply wash hair in warm to hot water and it will melt away.

When you go travelling this one pot will do the lot!  Dry skin, tattoos, cracked heals, rashes, sunburn, remove zinc sunscreen.  Yes, your new best friend.


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