Natural Australian Honey and Beeswax Products to nourish yourself naturally.

Kin Kin, Sunshine Coast, Qld AUSTRALIA.

Hello Honey was one of Australia’s first recipients of the Snail of Approval, an award from the Slow Food Noosa group, part of the worldwide movement.

When you purchase the Hello Honey brand you are supporting two beekeeping families who utilise organic principles when extracting honey from their hives.  Our honey is obtained from Australian native bush and not sprayed crops.

Honey Honey (trading as Hello Honey) began back in 2004, with a little stall at the Noosa Farmer’s Market on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  The business was started to promote Australian Medicinal Honey,  it’s called Jelly Bush Honey – just like New Zealand’s Famous Manuka Honey -our current range of  honey is tested and certified as follows:




200MGO/  5+ 

Sourced from hives placed in pristine, native Australian bush from Northern New South Wales, Stradbroke Island the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia.

Since our humble beginnings our product range has grown to include many other useful products to nourish your inner and outer health.  We utilise the naturally healing by-products available once a hive has been robbed for the honey.  Nothing is wasted. We have created a range of natural BEE products that people of all ages can use, both men and women.

By sourcing honey from Native Bush only we are ensuring the health of the beehive in these trying times.  There is less chance of chemical residue for both you and the bees.  If you didn’t know, the BEES are struggling to survive, without BEES we will not have these amazing creatures to pollinate our food crops or to supply us with honey and superior healing products.  Visit and you will find much more information.

Where can you find our products?

You’ll have to visit the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia or simply order online.  



Please note, the following stores only stock products suitable to their style of outlet.  Always call them to ensure they have what you want or they may allow you to order a product in for you with their next order.  If not,  consider ordering online as it could be more cost effective.

  • Black Ant Gourmet Café – entire range- Main Street Kin Kin.  Noosa Hinterland, Qld.  PH:  07 54854177
  • Eumundi Honey and BEES – Main Street Eumundi.  Sunshine Coast.  0403055774 Home of Australia’s most famous Market!


  • Emma Moke – Northside Brisbane – entire range – 0435990548


  • Uzuri Hair and Beauty  – 3/346 Griffith Road Lavington.  NSW.   PH: 02 60401484


AUSTRALIA:  Please email – Mrs Judy Scrase – Owner 

South Korea:  We have representation in South Korea.  All enquiries regarding this region please email 


Certifications and Awards

  • Snail of Approval Award 2019 – The Slow Food movement is an international body.

    The Slow Food Movement

    Slow Food is a global, grassroots organisation with supporters in 160 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment. The association’s activities seek to defend biodiversity in our food supply, spread the education of taste, and align producers of excellent foods to consumers through events and initiatives. Slow Food programs are designed to focus on the centrality of food and one of the key areas is the protection of food biodiversity.

    On a global scale, there are currently one million supporters, 100,000 members, 2000 food communities, 1500 convivia, 1794 Ark of Taste products, 1000 Gardens in Africa, 400 Presidia and 150 participating countries. Slow Food aims to achieve the following three major goals in next two years: 10,000 Ark of Taste products, 10,000 convivia & food communities, and 10,000 gardens in Africa and around the world.

  • The entire Hello Honey Range has received full KOSHER CERTIFICATION   Certification # 124728518158
  • Best in Show Real Food Festival Maleny

Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.